Two TECHNODOLLY camera robots in Moscow


Modernization of leading Russian TV channel included two robotic programmed telescopic operator cranes TECHNODOLLY produced by Technocrane and two new video walls. The whole story was published in MediaVision magazine and we bring you the short extract:

 "The cranes are capable of carrying out movements of any complexity and duration. Thanks to this, directors and operators in the studio were able to set different trajectories of camera movement in a limited volume of the studio, without fear for the safety of the video equipment.

To accurately determine the coordinates of the camera position, the cranes are equipped with appropriate sensors connected to the tracking system. This made it possible to simplify the calibration process and increase the efficiency of using the Augmented Reality System (VizRT) used on the channel.

Before the upgrade the customer used several studio cameras on motorized platforms, moving on the floor with a special coordinate coating, along which the tracking system could determine the exact position of each camera. In addition, a television camera was used on the smart crane.
Now in the studio only two cameras on the Technodolly cranes are involved, which replaced all the cameras and gave the staff of the TV channel a wide field for experiments and creativity"

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