Exhibitions 2017


SUPERTECHNO at Fast & Furious 8 shooting in Iceland

Desert or ice? Doesn´t matter. You can always count on your SUPERTECHNO crane.


Robotic camera system TECHNODOLLY in everyday news action in VRT TV studio.

Shooting The Martian movie with robotic camera system TECHNODOLLY

TECHNODOLLY robotic camera system played a very important part in shooting of The Martian. Get behind the scenes to find out more

Introducing the robotic camera system TECHNODOLLY

Great video by Panavision introducing our robotic camera crane TECHNODOLLY

TECHNOCRANE presents new member of the family

  • ST75
  • ST75

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our SUPERTECHNO fleet - brand new SUPERTECHNO 75. The crane features motorized platform and column, excellent 23m lens height and fresh five beam design for unmatched precision. Everywhere you need few more feet of extra reach, top-notch reliability and industry leading product - SUPERTECHNO 75 is the best choice available. Stay tuned for more info.

Technocrane equipment stolen in Los Angeles on 8th of April

Dear friends, please watch out for camera and crane equipment, that was stolen from our truck in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles right before NAB 2015 show on 8th of April. It is most likely to be sold to random rental houses across US. If you encounter any equipment listed here please contact us and your local police department. Feel free to resend this message to any other rental houses/colleagues who may get in touch with this sort of equipment. Thank you

Shooting music videos with TECHNODOLLY

TECHNODOLLY is the main tool used in shooting of the new music video by German singer Bosse. This challenging three minutes long footage was being shot against the green screen in one cut only. TECHNODOLLY sends tracking information to motion builder software allowing the producers to see and work with the scene in real time. TECHNODOLLY also saves time, zoom, focus and tracking information in common format. This enables the postproduction to be faster and more precise. Thanks to the combination of the best robotic camera crane and multiple software features, TECHNODOLLY is the best available tool for this kind of job.

The Borgias Season 3 and SUPERTECHNO 100

See the amazing Supertechno 100 being set up and operated for season 3 of the Showtime historical drama, The Borgias. On location in the Czech Republic, the experienced Panavision technicians and key crew members describe the groundbreaking capabilities and less than expected challenges of the Supertechno 100, the largest telescopic camera crane ever.

Making of Belkis

Check out the behind the scenes filming of Belkis - Königin von Saba, performed by the Stuttgart Philharmonic. Director Martin Andersson, Cinematographer Marcus Zaiser and Technocrane inventor Horst Burbulla explain how they used the unique capabilities of the Technodolly and the Supertechno 50 to set a new standard for the recording of full-length orchestra performances.

New TECHNODOLLY tutorial videos on our YOUTUBE channel

Series of videos about the most advanced robotic camera crane THE TECHNODOLLY is online now. If you want to get all our new videos just subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Technocrane crew on IBC 2012 in Amsterdam

Two TECHNODOLLYs in action and lot more. Thas was our IBC stand. Here is a short video if you missed IBC 2012 in Amsterodam and did not visit our stand. You will also find more photos on our Facebook profile.

New Book is online. Now interactive and animated.

Our new book full of amazing pictures and presentation of our company is online. Check it out and let us know what do you think on our facebook page! From now on you will also find it in Gallery section on our website.

TECHNODOLLY in concert „Belkis“

  • Opera

In Stuttgart, Germany the TECHNODOLLY performed in a classic concert named “Belkis” with a symphonic orchestra and a chorus of 90 singers. The job of the TECHNODOLLY was to cover this continuous live performance of violins, cellos, harp, singers and narrator. There was neither rehearsal time nor any breaks during the evening. In less than 3 hours and only six stand-ins the operator Fritz Brüggert sampled 10 master key frames of the orchestra. With the command “Generate Matrix” the TECHNODOLLY automatically generated 47 moves between all these key frames. The operator added some correction key frames and focuses to all the moves. When the concert began the director could continuously send the TECHNODOLLY to one of the ten key frames. By using the matrix mode of the TECHNODOLLY the operator played about 150 camera moves during the 90 minutes concert. All moves were perfectly framed, in focus and adjusted with pan and tilt override if needed.

Supertechno 30 and Jackie Chan in action together in Riga

  • Jackie Chan
  • Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan and our Supertechno 30 crane are back in action shooting a new movie in North of Europe. You will enjoy action shots made possible with our Supertechno 30. Stay tuned for the new movie!

Pictures from our brand new book are now online on Picasa. Check them out!

New Book

Supertechno 100 at Shepperton

  • Unveiling Supertechno 100
  • Unveiling Supertechno 100
  • Unveiling Supertechno 100
  • Unveiling Supertechno 100

Pictures of our brand new SUPERTECHNO 100 training at Shepperton.

Technodolly robotic camera crane at Television Studios in Cologne, Germany

Dear friends, please spend few minutes and watch our interesting, revolutionary, new video showing the 24 hour work of TWO TECHNODOLLIES placed on ONE TRACK! This video has been exclusively made at CBC Television Studios in Cologne, Germany, where RTL, one of the major German TV chanells operates. The video describes and shows, how amazingly Technodollies -robotic cameras serve and help at 24/7 broadcast newsroom with considerable saving of time and with maximal precision.

Unveiling Supertechno 100

We are happy and proud to announce that after 4 years of continuous and unremitting development engineering, we have finally reached our desirable target ........

Our brand new SUPERTECHNO 100 has just been unveiled and introduced in front of the public for the first time at Cinec 2010 exhibition in Munich, Germany.

YES, the best has just gone bigger, as you can see from the photos above. SUPERTECHNO 100 has the MAXIMUM LENS HIGHT of 100 FEET ( 32 meters ), which means that you no longer need a helicopter to look over the roof tops.

SUPERTECHNO 100 has just started and introduced the whole new period in the production of telescopic camera cranes and the film industry itself.